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Depending on your nationality, you might need a visa to enter Brazil. The ultimate autority on whether you need a visa or not is the Brazilian Consulate in your jurisdiction; the information we provide here is for your convenience only. To attend the school you need to enter Brazil as a tourist. You may check here whether you need a visa or not. Find your country in the table that starts on page 2 and check the corresponding code in column “VIVIS” (Visit Visa). The caption for the numeric code is listed in page 1. The most common codes are 1 (Visa required) and 4 (Visa Exemption, for a period not exceeding 90 days).

If you require a visa, we highly recommend applying for one as soon as possible. Please find the appropriate Brazilian Consulate in your jurisdiction. Whether you need a visa or not, when you go through immigration it is useful to have at hand information about your place of accommodation and the school.


Ground Transportation

From Guarulhos Airport

The São Paulo International Airport (GRU), also known as Guarulhos or Cumbica Airport, is one of the largest airports in Brazil. It is located near the city of Guarulhos, in the neighborhood of Cumbica, which is around 25 km from the city center of São Paulo. The airport has three passenger terminals. The links below may help you find your way around GRU Airport:

You can get to the Ibis São Paulo Paulista hotel either by taxi or bus. After leaving customs you will find some taxi stands where you can ask for a taxi. They all charge a fixed price. Be aware that the taxi fare is a bit expensive and the bus is a cheaper alternative. If you decide to go by bus you should walk outside the terminal building and look for the Airport Bus Service. The ticket is sold at a bus ticket office near the car-rental agencies. The bus fare is around $40 BRL ($8 EUR). The Airport Bus Service provides buses departing from GRU Airport to Congonhas Airport, Praça da República, Tietê and Barra Funda bus terminals, Paulista hotel circuit, and Tatuapé subway station. Be sure to take the right bus line to Avenida Paulista (Paulista hotel circuit), and ask the driver to drop you off at the Ibis Paulista Hotel, on Avenida Paulista itself; it is one of the hotel stops on this route. The journey from GRU Airport to the Ibis hotel by bus is around 1.5 hours (depending on the traffic). Please consider that this is NOT the Ibis Budget; however, it is the closest stop if your final destination is the Ibis Budget, which only 400 meters away. In case you are not sure, you can always go into the Ibis São Paulo Paulista and ask how to walk to the Ibis Budget. Here is a google maps link showing how to walk from the Ibis Paulista to the Ibis Budget:

The links below provide the departure times of the Airport Bus Service buses from GRU Airport to Paulista Avenue: